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Trinity Empowerment was founded because I wanted to effect change in organizations by focusing on the most important resource: people.

In over 20 years of experience working within the Department of Defense, serving in various roles, there has been a recurring and common theme: People. Regardless of the industry, people are doing the work. Companies must invest in people for their personal and professional growth in order to increase productivity and enhance performance.

Trinity Empowerment is about ensuring people are equipped and trained to perform at their best and highest ability. People tend to bring their best when they are at their best. This benefits the company from a human and financial capital perspective.

Trinity Empowerment recognizes that customer service and workforce development are crucial to any company’s success. Trinity Empowerment works with corporations, groups and individuals to provide consulting, coaching, and training. We look forward to serving you!


Keshia Dempsey
Founder, Trinity Empowerment, LLC


About Us

Trinity Empowerment employs cleared individuals with experience and formal education. Our mission is to maximize individual’s potential through consulting, coaching and communication.  Click the read more link below to learn more about us!

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At Trinity Empowerment, we have affiliated ourselves with some of the best products and services available to maximize our effectiveness at bringing you the best opportunities for success.  Click on the read more link below to see of of our affiliations and partners.

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Our Services

Trinity Empowerment offers Consulting, Coaching, and Training. Whether facilitating agile software development programs, working with leaders or teaching employees ways to be more effective, Trinity Empowerment works with individuals to increase organizational success.

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Make sure you check out our Upcoming Events page often so you can join us for workshops and coaching events offered by Trinity Empowerment and affiliates.

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Considering Coaching? Ever contemplated allowing someone else in on your goals to keep you focused on achieving them? Would you find value in partnering with someone for YOUR success, who would give YOU all of the credit? Ever thought about hiring a coach but wanted a test drive before committing? Trinity Empowerment offers introductory sessions for individuals to evaluate the possibilities of coaching. Interested candidates will receive a 1 hour session in which they will experience coaching to understand how it benefits professional and personal development. Click the Contact Us button to reserve your session.
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Coaching Testimonials


I respect [the] wisdom and strategies suggested. Also the motivational approach of coaching is a huge winner with me because we all need so much encouragement when starting a business. My Coach was professional, articulate and looked very successful in appearance. Even the scheduling of our sessions where handled professionally with follow up, confirmations and branded company materials.

CEO, Image Consulting Company- Maryland

My impression of coaching beforehand was that it does have a benefit. That with the right person coaching you the outcome can be very positive. My "coach" is generally a very approachable and communicative person. I think others would find them to be nonjudgmental of their individual circumstances. Thus allowing for a more in depth communication between the two.

CEO, Information Technical Software Development Company- Maryland

I felt 100% comfortable, not judged and was really able to open up with Keshia. [Keshia] has that "it factor"-I cant' describe it exactly but she knows what she's doing! So many "Aha's" A quote that encapsulates my month with Keshia is "when we help someone else succeed WE succeed." UBER empowered feeling...

MBA, Benefits Advisor- VIrginia

Keshia, you are a natural leader while showing compassion and heart, you have a certain magnetism that allows others to be open and share. You are a very insightful coach and an excellent role model, I appreciated the manner in which you masterfully demonstrated the art and techniques of coaching in our corporate coaching sessions. Your skills shine through and I think you are making a big difference in the coaching world. Keshia, I can enthusiastically recommend you to any person seeking a better professional and personal life or any organization seeking a better organizational culture. Again, thank you so very much.

CEO Long Home and Fence- Maryland